Yoga, and what it really is

Yoga, and what it really is

When hearing the word ‘Yoga’ most people think of the physical aspect of it. Postures, or asanas as they are called, such as the Downward Facing Dog, the Lotus Seat, the Cobra, or classy as it is: the Headstand. But it is so much more than that… 

More than Downward Facing Dog?

Directly translated from Sanskrit, Yoga means union. Union of body and mind. Throughout the practice, you  cleanse body and mind from external, as well as internal noise.

It was 7 years ago that I first tried Yoga, it was a 10 weeks beginner’s course to be exact. But in order for me to commit to it, a second encounter was reguired. Inspired by Michael A. Singer’s book The Untethered Soul and my awakened interest especially in meditation lead to the commitment I’m facing now. Something inside me kept on exploring and wanting to know and learn more about what Yoga really is and why it made me feel so much better. I began to read and explore and felt a deeper connection to the practice with everything that I got to know. The practice of yoga with all its facets teaches conscious listening, listening to your body, mind and heart.

Throughout my journey, I became more and more grateful that the turns and twists of life lead me towards Yoga – again, and that this time I could see beyond. As many of us, I used to look for something more, I could never define what exactly – just something, that would make me feel better, that would make me happy. Always working toward the next thing, whatever that might be. Always wanting more, more of anything no matter what. Yoga showed me that all of this is distraction and does not even come close to what really matters. What I was looking for, was inside me all along. It is inside all of us. All we need to do is to start looking.
To me, practicing Yoga means to accept who you are, what is and what life brings to you. It also means to stop resisting change, to be where you are –  in the here and the now, and to fully and truly embrace life for what it has to offer. This is really more an attitude and nothing that comes with a yoga mat or pants.