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  • a vegan’s guide to: Copenhagen

    a vegan's guide to: Copenhagen

    Copenhagen – probably among the top cities for some classic café hopping. And of course – HYGGE! The city offers a great variety of restaurants and cafés – including some vegan deliciousness. In this post I want to share my absolute favourite ones with you. I hope you will enjoy this little guide for a delicious […]

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  • “I’m Vegan and Do have a Social Life!”

    "I'm Vegan and Do have a Social Life!"

    Vegan critics will always find something to moan about but lately, I keep hearing that for a Vegan it is almost impossible to have a social life, following a vegan diet is simply so anti-social. Hopefully most of you already hear the contradiction within. Vegans who first and foremost prioritize respect, kindness, compassion and justice for […]

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  • Yoga off the mat: Ethical Fashion

    Yoga off the mat: Ethical Fashion

    At the very beginning of the eight-fold path of yoga stand the Five Yamas. The Yamas deal with ethics, integrity and with practicing Yoga off the mat. The Yamas help us to live a conscious, honest and ethical life. Often these guidelines and especially the first of the five Yamas, Ahimsa (the practice of non-violence), lead […]