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  • How to Truely Connect with Yourself

    How to Truely Connect with Yourself

    To connect with others can be an incredible source of purpose and meaning. It lifts us up and spreads energy, vitality and positvity. Research even suggests that connection is one, maybe even the most fundamental aspect of any human being. We all strive for it and wish to sustain that feeling of connection, meaning and purpose. 

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  • Turning Happiness into Success

    Turning Happiness into Success

    What I want in life and how I define “success”, has changed drastically over the past year. What I used to achknowledge as achievements became completely irrelevant, more even I am having a hard time understanding what made me think or feel that way. But I sense that this change I am experiencing is not really something […]

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  • Beyond Happiness

    Beyond Happiness

    Choose happiness. It is as simple as that. Choose to surround yourself with nothing but positive people, positive feelings, with simply anything that contributes to what we understand of happiness. Let go of relationships, people, living conditions, jobs or anything that does not contribute to it, but instead give us the idea to be suffering from it. […]

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  • “I’m Vegan and Do have a Social Life!”

    "I'm Vegan and Do have a Social Life!"

    Vegan critics will always find something to moan about but lately, I keep hearing that for a Vegan it is almost impossible to have a social life, following a vegan diet is simply so anti-social. Hopefully most of you already hear the contradiction within. Vegans who first and foremost prioritize respect, kindness, compassion and justice for […]