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Sabrina offers her Yoga teachings in different formats including Corporate Yoga Classes, Private Classes tailored to your needs, Workshop Series and Retreats. Read more about the different Yoga styles offered by Sabrina here.

Sabrina is currently based in Berlin, Germany and all classes are taught in English. Click here, if you want to find out more about Sabrina and her own Yoga journey.



Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga with Sabrina Patricia in Berlin

In her Corporate Yoga Classes, Sabrina offers individually tailored classes that meet your company’s and employees’ needs. Yoga holds various benefits for the company itself such as decreased costs due to sick leave, increased productivity, and an overall  harmonious working environment. Through Yoga, the employees will learn how to better deal with stress, improve their health and wellbeing, boost their confidence and productivity, and will experience their working day as more pleasant and serving.

Sabrina’s personal and educational background in the Corporate World allow her to understand the challenges that today’s fast paced business environment hold. Sabrina is therefore able to meet the company’s needs and is able to incorporate the practices of Yoga according to the respective corporate culture without comprimising on the essence of the practice. 

To Sabrina, Yoga is the perfect tool to slow down and tune in – even in the corporate environment. Click here to read more about the different Yoga styles offered.

Private Yoga Classes

Yoga Teacher Berlin

The private, one to one classes, are tailored to suit your own personal needs. Such  private classes are for every body, whether a total beginner to Yoga or regular practitioner that wishes to deepen their practice. Sabrina meets you right where you’re at.

Read more about the different Yoga styles offered by Sabrina here.




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