How To Start Your Yoga Practice At Home

Living in Copenhagen, the winter months are especially hard on me. The cold and windy weather are one thing, but the lack of sunlight throughout November to February make it very hard for me to leave the comfort of my own home. Even for a yoga class. But no yoga is no option. I have therefore taken these months to dive deeper into creating a self-practice. In this article I want to share my absolute best How-To tips for finally finding your way on the mat, all by yourself. 

Be Open To New

I had found my absolute favourite Yoga Studio in Copenhagen. I enjoyed every single class of the teacher and did not want my Yoga practice to flow any other way. Unfortunately though, that Yoga Studio closed down and I had to adapt. I had to try new teachers, yoga styles and ways of practicing. Besides going to different studios in town, I even flowed to some fantastic YouTube videos. This experience allowed me to truly find out what it is that I enjoy in my yoga practice.

Be Brave

What kept me from my self-practice for so long, was the thought that I would not be able to flow all by myself for one hour. And if I couldn’t stick to a regular self-practice, then maybe I just need more time. NAAAH! There is no right or wrong when it comes to your very own Yoga practice. There is no fixed amount of time you have to be on the mat, neither does it have to look a certain way.

Create Your Very Own Space

Even though the physical space in my 12sqm room is limited creating a secure and beautiful space helped me a lot. To me this meant a clean and tidy room, with as little distractions around as possible. That meant in particular to tidy up my work desk and thus, allowing me to let go of my to-do’s for the time being.  If my room situation would allow, I would not even roll up my mat after the practice – but hey, next time. So if you can, let it be and you will always have that one space to flow through your practice. Otherwise, take the 2 extra minutes to quickly tidy up your room, light a candle, put on some music or do whatever feels best for you to focus on the practice.

When in Doubt, Flow…

So often I find myself scrolling through Instagram and looking at beautifully captured asanas, reading blogs on Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness… all while sitting on the couch. And while reading blogs and Instagram (all in moderation) can be a great source of inspiration to me, I try to pour the fascination and passion for Yoga and Mindfulness right into my self practice. Even if it is just for 10 minutes.


How To Start Your Yoga Practice At Home

I hope that these thoughts will help you too to step on the mat and find that you don’t need to reach a certain point in time of level of experience to start your self-practice. While at first I thought that it is a shame that the cold and dark winter months in Copenhagen keep me inside my apartment rather then going off to the studio, I am grateful that they allowed me to truly dive deeper and develop my self-practice. Is there anything that has helped you in particular? I would love to know.



Sabrina Patricia Yoga