3 Steps to a More Mindful Eating Routine

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Mindful Eating lies not necessarily in what but how we eat. It doesn’t matter if organic, vegan, paleo, raw or whatever kind of diet . That is however, only the first step to a healthy and sustainable diet. The how we eat is equally, if not even more important than what is being served on your plate today. Mindful eating habits nourish your body, mind and soul and can turn into a powerful practice of self-care

Eating while chatting on the phone, checking instagram or binge watching a Netflix series – who doesn’t do it? Yes, it can be really cosy to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie while eating dinner – but shouldn’t that be an exception and not the general rule? Same goes when going out to a fancy restrauant – would we actually act the same way and keep clinging on to our phones and pay little to no attention to the food? I don’t think so.

Like with any other practice, it takes time and wholehearted dedication to create healthier habits. I follow these three easy steps to remember that how  I eat is an extremely important part of my diet and since I love eating…it is also an extremely important part of my overall lifestyle.

The Before

Preparing the food is as much part of the diet as actually eating. Try to spend at least 10 minutes preparing your meal. You will notice that the more thought and energy you actually invest in the preparation of the food, the better it gets.

Once you are ready – stop! Take a moment and look at your food, be grateful and appreciate it. You can do that whatever way you wish – close your eyes and silently give thanks to the food in front of you, repeat a mantra or take a deep breath.  Even taking a beautiful picture and posting it on instagram can be your way of showing appreciation and gratitude!

The During

From the kitchen to the table. Now, so I believe, the real challenge kicks in – the eating. Stop multitasking and take the time to eat. This means no instagram scrolling, no Netflix on the side and definitely no working on the side. You have just prepared a  delicious meal, enjoy that!

This of course does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy food with family and friends, because you should! The difference here lies in the choice you make. You actively and presently choose to enjoy a collective lunch or dinner. Everything else is just something you let happen to you – out of habit or maybe even boredom. So try and practice to shift all of your mind’s attention to the sensation of food. Yuumm….

The After

Finish and I really mean finish your last bite and wait a little moment before rushing off the table! Feel your body and your filled stomach. It is an amazing feeling – make sure to appreciate it and acknowledge that having healthful and delicious food every day is not a matter of course…! Value that.

3 Steps to a More Mindful Eating Routine

Healthy food nourishes the body. The way you eat that food can nourish the mind and soul.

Love & Namasté