Why Traveling Is The Greatest Teacher!

Why Traveling Is The Greatest Teacher!

Isn’t it funny how one half of the year is spent moaning about how badly we need and deserve that vacation and once we have finally booked the trip, we start counting the days until the day has finally come – the day we are leaving for holidays! But then, the second we return, we look back on the amazing time we have had and how time has been flying by and now everything is just over. The relaxation, the good times, the easy life. It just slipped away. But at least we can start dreaming again about some other place, wishing we were anywhere but here.

Don’t get me wrong here. Traveling is amazing and I believe one of the best ways to educate, explore and dive deeper into your true Self. But what about the constant fernweh, the urge to travel and escape our everyday life?  I have caught myself living from holiday to holiday. Only then to return and instantly start to search for the next destination. This time, however, I choose  the ‘Holidays To Go’. A daily shot of ‘Holidays’ with my morning coffee on the side.

A traveler’s mind…

Traveling, no matter if it’s a weekend trip or a Southeast Asia trip for three months, is a great way to get some time off and be free and just yourself. It is also a step outside your comfort zone.You never really know what to expect and how things will turn out. For some reason though, we are much more open to such unexpected events when they come in form of travels. We are more aware of the little things in life and can easily just sit on a bench and have a cup of coffee without having to check our phone every two minutes. We appreciate whatever food comes on the table and the little encounters with local people on the streets, always a pleasure!

…and how to keep it.

I have just returned from a beautiful three and a half weeks vacation in Sri Lanka and can with no doubt say that I can tick off all of these boxes. I am fully relaxed and had the chance to be myself, just myself with no distractions, no habitual pitfalls, being aware of the little things and remembering to appreciate any good that comes my way. With that feeling, I return to my home in Copenhagen and yet, my first reaction is to mourn after the sunny weather, the beach, the friendly people, the yummy food,… well basically anything. Do I really need to be traveling in order to live life to its fullest potential? Is there really no chance to keep that beautiful, open-minded attitude towards life in our daily routine?

Another thing I noticed was that I began to wonder why and how such little things in my everyday life used to irritate me and challenge me so much just before I left for Sri Lanka. Maybe these feelings are the result of a fully relaxed Self that is full of energy and positivity after a magical holiday. And maybe these feelings will disappear the second I face one of those small challenges again. But maybe, just maybe I can take a little bit of holiday relaxation, openness and casualness with me and actually keep it.

A matter of choice…

I believe that, it is a choice we are given. I can choose to try and see  any unexpected event or challenge as an opportunity to either fight it, or let it be and move on. That means that whatever happens is an invitation to a reaction. This can be literally any kind of reaction, and that’s where you can make a choice! That person that knows exactly what buttons to push, that bus that is just always late, that cashier that is so grumpy and unfriendly no matter what – all of this, is an invitation for you to either fight it and accept the challenge within it, or simply let it be and move on.

…is also a matter of practice!

But what to choose? I cannot say that there is a right and a wrong but what I want is a more calm, relaxed, and less stressed version of myself. So I think of my holidays. If I was on holidays, I would tell myself: “Relax, don’t let it get to you, you are on vacation. No rush, no stress, just let it go and don’t let it ruin your day!”

That attitude, the casualty, simplicity, relaxation, that holiday-mood, whatever you want to call it. I think that’s what we should keep and carry with us, no matter where we are. If I don’t give power to those minor events during holidays to let it ruin my day, freak me out or frustrate me, then why would I give the same thing the power to ruin my day in my everyday life?