Kickstart Your Day with something even better than Coffee

I am a morning person! I enjoy getting up around 6am and enjoy the tranquility and peace of a fresh day ahead. Following a morning routine and setting the tone for the day has come very naturally to me. But at times when stress levels are high or I am on vacation busy looking for that beach towel and I skip a day or two I really start to appreciate what my morning routine does for my overall well-being.

If I skip my morning routine I can almost immediately sense a feeling of being overwhelmed, disorganized and disconnected throughout the day. Sometimes these feelings stick with me even longer than that. What happened after skipping my routine for an entire week didn’t take me by surprise. Instead of following my routine I felt I had to start working on my final university project straight after opening my eyest. That in turn left me feeling drained, with a sense of constant fatigue, rushed and stressed and I even started to physically feel unwell.

I realized then that not just for the sake of my university project but for my own well-being, taking that little extra time in the morning was more important than ever. I needed to go back to my routine and actively take time for myself. Of course, going back to something is much easier than starting from scratch. But in fact there is only two things to consider: your body and mind. What I mean by that and and what my mornings usually look like follows now.

My Morning Routine


The first thing I do after waking up is get a glass of water! Dehydrate! Being anything between 6 to 9 hours without any kind of liquid, a glass of water is really the best thing I can do for my body. Depending on whether I feel warm or cold I decide between a glass of cold or warm, sometimes even hot water with a little bit of lemon and ginger.
Straight after that I head to the bathroom brush my teeth, wash my face with cold water and comb my hair and put on my facecream.

Heading back to my bedroom, I either stretch for a couple of minutes or practice a short yoga sequence.  This varies from 5 to 20 minutes. But the minimum I do is a 5 minute stretch to shake off that grogginess and morning blues and get my blood moving.

Easy and done with the first part of my routine – and that takes me maximum 30 minutes – maximum!


The most important part of my morning routine is taking time for meditation. Without having looked at my phone, my to-do lists, any schedule or calendar, it is then time to sit down, be still and breathe.  Focusing on my breath and trying to calm down my mind helps me the most to set a clear and good foundation for the day. I take about 15 to 20 minutes for my meditation, depending on how I feel that day.

If you wish to find out more about what I think about meditation and how I have benefitted from it, please check out my previous post on that. Also created a little how-to guide for those of you who wish to get started but don’t quite know yet how to.


Just to make sure that I don’t feel any kind of rush throughout my routine I schedule at least one hour for it. It helps me to fully relax and be in the moment and leaves time for a cup of tea… or coffee after. 🙂


Kickstart Your Day with something even better than Coffee


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