How to Cultivate a More Mindful Lifestyle

How to Cultivate a More Mindful Lifestyle

Yoga, Meditation and Journaling is all good but at times, when stress levels are high and To Do lists become longer and longer, I tend to fall back into old habbits and choose Netflix over a book, starring at the phone over focussing on my breathing and the couch over the walk. In the end, all it really does is giving me a feeling of exhaustion and restlessness. It made me wonder, how else could I cultivate a more mindful lifestyle, slow down and be more present in the here and now. So, I have decided to set some new groundrules. 

Stop Multitasking

We eat while watching Netflix, run while listening to music, bike while talking on the phone, go out for dinner dinner with friends while checking facebook and instagram all the time. Slow down. Stop doing multiple things at the same time. Try to be present in every situation and enjoy your surounding. You might notice things that otherwise would have slipt away, or even get to talk to people on the bus or in a café without those headphones in your ears.


Choose to Be Offline

Time off from your phone and laptop can be so healing and help you slow down and be more present. You don’t have to ban technology and the internet from your life but choose to give yourself the time off. Whether it is going for a walk without your phone or spending the first and last 30 minutes of your day without the phone, tablet or laptop. It is not that difficult but it gives you a great feeling of focus and space.


Reconnect with Nature

When working, shopping and “meeting people” is possible from the couch, why even leave the house? Because spending time outside in nature is probably the best way to recharge body and mind. Instead of curling up on the couch and watching TV when feeling stressed or exhausted, actively choose to go for a walk or bike around the lake.


Make it a Habit

Whether it is Medittaion, journaling, a daily walk, the way to work without any music or whatsoever playing  – integrate it in your daily life and choose to make it a habit. If you wish to feel the difference, you have to give it time and be active. Active in pursuing to slow down and be more present.


Being mindful and slowing down have become such huge topics, that I often forget that it lies in the small and easy things. There is simply no need to turn your life around entirely or let go of everything you know and love in your life, trying to change one or two small things at the time is enough to cultivate and enjoy a more mindful and balanced lifestyle.