How to Truely Connect with Yourself

To connect with others can be an incredible source of purpose and meaning. It lifts us up and spreads energy, vitality and positvity. Research even suggests that connection is one, maybe even the most fundamental aspect of any human being. We all strive for it and wish to sustain that feeling of connection, meaning and purpose. 

Yet, in times I struggle. The strong desire to connect and relate to others, develops  into superficial ties that I soon get tired of. Somehow, ‘The more, the merrier!’ didn’t quite work out… I found that in order to truly connect to others and build kind, caring and healthy relationships, I need to connect and belong to my inner Self first. When I started to pay a little more attention to the intention behind my relationships, it has helped me so much to recognize the kind of relationships that truly serve me. Here is how…

 Stay true to yourself

Don’t try to fit in or be part of something just for the sake of belonging. You will have to invest a little more time and effort and might even start with learning to be by yourself in order to truly connect. Be still, look inside and learn to be kind and caring for yourself. This step alone will change a lot and people around you will start to feel a different energy.

Be Open, for the New and Old

A great way to connect to like-minded people and get your hands on a full load of energy is to engage in something that inspires you! Volunteering is probably the best way to throw yourself out there. But equally important is also to be open for the old. By this I mean that just because you haven’t reached out to a dear friend in a while, it does not mean that there is no such connection anymore. Be bold and reach out – who knows, maybe an even stronger connection is about to grow.

Don’t be afraid to let go

Deep down, we all know it. That sense of connetion, meaning and purpose does not come from any kind of relationship. Some cost you more energy than anything else. In that case, it is perfectly okay to let go of such relationships. Be honest and true to yourself without hurting others, but do not comprimse your own content and happiness. Here’s a full blog post on letting go what no longer serves you.

… and always remember

… it is not about finding the one best friend, the love of your life. All those little encounters in your daily life count. May it be the cashier that makes you smile, the cousin that truly inspires you or the colleague that waits for you to arrive at the office before getting the first cup of coffee.


So, take a look around and  see how many of those connections you have and give thanks for all the energy and positivity you withdraw fom those relationships. Let go of those that no longer serve you.





Sabrina Patricia Yoga