Turning Happiness into Success

Turning Happiness into Success

What I want in life and how I define “success”, has changed drastically over the past year. What I used to achknowledge as achievements became completely irrelevant, more even I am having a hard time understanding what made me think or feel that way. But I sense that this change I am experiencing is not really something that is well understood by many people. For some reason, pursuing a highly stressful but well-paid business career is more respected and supported than pursuing happiness. . In the end that is nothing but naive and very idealistic… isn’t it?

It all began with Yoga … surprise, surprise! Yoga constantly teaches me to be myself and be comfortable with that, no matter what. Yoga teaches me to be more brave, to listen to myself, to achknowledge and respect myself. With that seed planted inside of me,  I guess it was only a matter of time.

Step by step, I let go of former beliefs about what life is all about or what it is supposed to be or even more, what I am supposed to do in life. It is both, inspiring and scary at the same time to start questioning everything you were used to do, believe in or spend your time with. Unfortunately though, once this idea that there has got to be more, that there is a way to live your truth, kicks in, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it or even just to ignore it. So, I began to wonder if it is really nothing but a naive and idealistic vision that is growing inside of me or maybe, just maybe it is more than that.

Everybody Wants To Be Happy…

Happiness is something that is being talked about more and more. Quotes like ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ are thrown around like confetti. But who of us is actually brave enough to follow this approach? It took me some time to question the planted impression that happiness and your job, for example, are two completely different things.

Also I was convinced that before being happy I had to have a good education, earn some money in a well- respected job and possess more, more of whatever I have now, and ideally even pride myself with a picture-perfect relationship. But then, who could have guessed it, Yoga made its way into my life and I realized that happiness is a matter of choice and can be found anywhere and at any place. That made me thirsty for more…

There are just certain things in life that we’ve got to do.

Yes, I fully agree. I know that I will never get around doing the tax statement, earn money to actually pay my rent or study for that finance exam… but besides that we have got so much time and opportunities at our fingertips that allow us to live creatively and fill our days with joy and pleasure. And I don’t understand why a 9-to-5 job that does nothing but bore us should be something that we have got to do.  A tuesday can be as much fun, freedom and happiness as a saturday – why shouldn’t it be?

The very important aspect here, I believe, is to keep in mind that behind that happy, free and purposeful life there is a lot of work. This can be anything. Getting your university degree, educating yourself on a specific topic, expanding your network and get in touch with people who can help you. So, yes there is certain things that we have got to do.

We don’t always get what we want.

Another one of these common statements that are supposed to make us doubt our path. And I understand that it takes much more than just a dream or a passion to chase after in order to actually build your entire life around it. Not everybody must be or is meant to be an entrepreneur or life artist. It requires more than one might think at first – does it match your vision of freedom, happiness and your skills? The thing is that you might not know that from the very beginning.

So, I believe we have to be brave to find out and then be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, it is enough to be part of some inspirational business idea, an uplifting team or anything that makes our heart jump a little higher. Maybe we don’t need to be the one leading or driving it to feel the freedom and fulfilment that we seek. But the only way to find out is by being brave and try.