How To Stop Making Fear-Based Decisions

If there is one thing I know for certain, it is how to make fear-based decisions. Or better even, avoid making any kind of decisions. Decisions are the bridge between our thoughts and actions. And that is also where the problem lies. If our thoughts are nothing but fear, worry and concern – how can we expect great actions to follow? 

Most of my decisions are well thought-out but still don’t make it into any form of action. Why? Because my fear and concern for the reaction of other people and the worry about what happens if it doesn’t work out as desired is simply too big. Or maybe because I take too long time to reflect on all possible scenarios that might or might not happen, that at the time I am ready to actually make the decision, it is simply too late.

The Easy Way Out

And I am not talking about major life changing decisions. Sometimes it is as simple as ‘Should I go to Yoga class or not?’ or even ‘Shall I take the bus or the bike to work?’. At days when I feel completely unable to make any such decisions, I simply text a friend and ask him or her to simply reply with a yes or a no, nevermind the question. That is one way of making decisions.

You Can Do Better

The other option? Taking full control over my decision-making and stop letting my fear mindlessly guide me through life. The mere thought of facing the fear, accepting it but ignoring it, is scary.

Lately, I have watched myself during my decision-making process and found that there is glimpses of courage and fortitude inside of me. I bet they are inside all of us. But even though these glimpses and voices might be rare and gentle, I can still feel the excitment and curiosity awaken within me. In one of these moments of fortitude, I have written and published probably the most personal blog post yet. It was not easy but I tried to carefully listen to that feeling inside of me and ignore all the loud noise and fear inside my head. When I think too much about it, it gets more and more scary. So I simply try to take advantage of these short and precious moments of courage.

Get Rid Of The Fear-Based Decisions

By repeatedly throwing myself out there, forcing myself to try and find that gentle and encouraging voice within,  I have found that it gets easier with every step. Getting rid of all fear-based decisions might sound drastic and I know it is a process. It is important though, to give stage to the reassuring and supportive voice within is ttle bit like training a muscle. It takes time, requires practice and patience – but becomes easier along the way.


Sabrina Patricia Yoga