How to Cultivate Energy, Creativity and Productivity

How to Cultivate Energy, Creativity and Productivity

I have boasted myself about being productive and efficient – taking on several things at the same time. Why not make use of that extra brain power and opportunity at hand to get things done ? Whether it was listening to music or a podcast while biking or cooking. Checking my facebbook and instagram while being on the phone with a friend or family. Answering  my mails and checking my calender when sitting in a meeting. Not doing several things at once made me feel unproductive and I just could not resist the temptation of multitasking anymore! 

Juggling all these different tasks at once made me feel energized and efficient… But who am I fooling? I am not doing several things at the same time. No! I am shifting between tasks and going back and forth! What it does in the end is killing my energy, creativity and in fact my productivity. My brain takes time to re-focus and all I am doing is being hard on myself and killing my flow.

At some point the feeling of energy and efficiency started to overwhelm me and be a major source of stress. I also realized how often I run on autopilot – meaning that without the conscious intention to check facebook or instagram – I was already clicking on those flashy icons. How creepy is that? Did I want to go through life running on autopilot and doing things just because I was so used to doing them? Or did I rather want to be aware of what is happening around me and more importantly within myself? It was time for change! It was time to stop multitasking!

At the beginning it was challenging. Breaking out of that cycle of unhealthy habbits and doing things just opposite to what your body and mind is used to. But soon, I could feel how my stress levels dropped and I became more aware of my environment and the people surrounding me. It helped me to calm down and instead of overloading myself with devices and other distractions and doing nothing but avoiding my thoughts. Instead, I created space for my thoughts and feelings to flow. What a relief and a great feeling to have regained power over my own life. Follow these three easy steps to declutter your life and help you regain power and charge over your life yourself!

3 Easy Steps to Stop Multitasking NOW!

How to Cultivate Energy, Creativity and Productivity

Oh so yum.

Probably one of the most important areas in life to stop multitasking is at the table. No, I am not telling you to stop talking to your family and friends over dinner but put aside that phone or that computer! It is not just a more mindful and healthy way to eat, but instead it is a yummy opportunity to unitask. Read a full article on more mindful eating habits here.



On the Road.How to Cultivate Energy, Creativity and Productivity

One of the easiest ways to actively choose not to multitask is while being on the road.No matter if in your car, on the bus or train or biking – turn off the radio and leave those headphones at home! Instead enjoy the silence and let your thoughts
flow freely. At first it might feel a bit weird and unusual but soon you will start to enjoy this precious time – then your time on the road can easily turn into an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate!


How to Cultivate Energy, Creativity and Productivity


Whatever this may be for you – going for a walk, reading a book, enjoying a cup of tea by the window or meditating. Take time for yourself to be still and listen in. Resist any kind of interruptions of your smartphone or anything or anyone else seeking your attention.




Try and see what happens. One thing I can promise you, there is no downsides to quitting multitasking! Those three very simple steps were the perfect ease into a more conscious everyday life. For a full article on how to practice awareness click here.