Slow Down!

Slow Down!

I tend to keep myself busy with planning days, weeks, even months ahead and too many times I start worrying about all possible outcomes without even knowing what might happen. What for? Well, I must be honest, most of the times, things actually do work out. I never know how, but they do and my planning and worrying didn’t really have anything to do with it. Moments like these make me realize that sometimes taking a break and watch life figure it out itself can be a good thing. Shouldn’t we allow ourselves to step out of our hectic lives, our planning and worrying more often and simply trust that everything will be okay?

Too often our lives are being turned upside down by endless to-do lists, external responsibilities that seem to require immediate actions, or a constantly buzzing smartphone and the urge to be available all the time. A hectic and stressful everyday life like this makes us to believe that we need to be in charge and control of everything at any time. Even if we wanted to, there is simply no time to take a walk in nature, to go to yoga class, to meditate or go to bed early. If we are lucky we can find time to do one of those things during the weekend. But meditate or practicing Asanas daily? Honestly, who’s got time for that?

Why is it so important to slow down?

We fear to fall behind schedule and think we would never be able to catch up. Sometimes, we even ignore our body trying to tell us that it needs to rest. Instead, we keep trying to control every little thing that happens or might happen, and panic if we fail to do so.

Is it too much to ask to pause for just two minutes and look inside to see what is happening within and accept it? If only it was as easy as it sounds. For me, the practice of taking a break, stepping out of my routine, my incessantly turning carousel of thoughts and actions is one of the most difficult things of all. Not knowing what I should do next brings up insecurities and a mind that just won’t quiet down. Especially in times when it is needed the most: When I feel that I really, really need to do this now, because otherwise…. otherwise what? Nothing! 

…and how to actually do it.

What helps me most is meditation. Even if I just sit down for three minutes to meditate and remember to breathe, relax and have faith that life won’t break apart. After pausing for just that little amount of time, I feel much better already! I can go on with whatever I was busy doing but be more aware and more conscious about these things.