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  • When the Real Question is: Who is Judging Who?

    When the Real Question is: Who is Judging Who?

    Growing a relationship to oneself, that deep connection is extremely powerful. But just like any other relationship it can get rough and difficult. My greatest obstacle in growing and nurturing that relationship to myself is the fear of judgment. But rather than wondering what kind of judgement that might be, the real question is: Who […]

  • General
  • Setting A New Focus!

    Setting A New Focus!

    What seems to come naturally with a constantly chattering mind and a strong inner critic is that I focus on what makes me so different from anyone else around me. This leaves me with a feeling of emptiness, isolation and doubt. Lately, I have noticed how busy my mind really is with telling me how […]

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  • Berry Up Your Life – Acai Bowl

    Berry Up Your Life - Acai Bowl

    Smoothie Bowls are all the rage these days. They are not just super yummy but also healthy and of course, always worth an instagram shot. I love to add all kinds of berries to my smoothie bowls – but my all time favourite is the Acai Bowl. This energy-boosting berry is definitely one of the healthiest […]